July 22nd, 2014


Just Another Night

Spencer was relieved. His niece and nephew had come back to Odyssey, unscathed for the most apart. He’d opened up his home to them hoping to get better acquainted with them with the time he could get. Richard’s health had been declining since they had returned to Chicago after the assassin had been caught, and they couldn’t stay cooped up in a small apartment any longer. Rachel quiet her day job so that she could watch over her brother and the baby within her wouldn’t feel stressed.

They had finally settled in, and it was nearing bed time. Spencer walked to the 1st guest bedroom, peaking in. Richard lay on his stomach, with his head resting on his crossed arms. Rachel gently massaged his back, chatting about small things.

“Do you remember when we were younger? Back when I stole earrings?” she said, trying hard not to laugh as she saw her brother’s shocked face. “You know I stole them. You wanted to wring my neck because I shouldn’t have been acting that way. Mom and Ray spoiled me. You were the only one allowed to get into trouble you’d said.”

“You were a thorn in my side in those days,” he said, rolling his eyes. “I was the one that was older, wiser, and knew what trouble I was making. You were just trying to be me.”

“Hey! I knew what I was doing! And… so what if I wanted to be you? You were already headed for a disaster.”

“The reason why I escaped the house when I did. So it didn’t involve you.”

“Great example, Brownie,” Rachel said, using the nickname she’d given her brother long ago.

Spencer could only think of the wonderful pair these two made, brother and sister, sharing memories, and just being together. He closed his eyes, listening as Rachel laughed at something her brother said. It brought a sad smile to his face. The loss would be great when it came. Death and new life were a cycle… one was tragic, the other miraculous.

“I think its time for you to sleep,” Rachel said, leaning down and kissing her brother on the forehead.

“I think you’re making an excuse,” he joked, closing his eyes against the light his eyes took sensitivity to. It happened from time to time. Odd symptoms just appeared, like blurred vision, sensitivity, the inability to speak, and many more.

“I have to get sleep too. And you wanted to see Whit’s End tomorrow. You have to be up for that,” she mentioned, slipping off the bed, grabbing a blanket from the floor.

Richard rolled his eyes for her, telling her it didn’t matter.

“Uncle, could you get the light?” Rae asked, draping the blanket over her brother’s form.

Spencer flipped the switch, silently grabbing the door handle and slipping the door closed to a slit. He leaned against the wall, waiting.

Rae leaned down to kiss her brother’s forehead again, but found lips instead. “Stay for a second,” he whispered, reaching out a hand. It was his invitation for her to pray with him. She found it sweet.

She slid to her knees, taking his hand. “Hey God…”

The West Sets in the East

The bell above the entrance to Whit’s End jingled. Few customers noticed as a white, balding, older man stepped in, pale brown eyes looking towards the front counter.

John Avery Whittaker stepped from the kitchen, a hand towel in his hands, Eugene Meltsner chatting in his ear.

“The simple ramifications that could improve your dishwasher, Mr. Whittaker, would improve efficiency and save you much more time and money,” Eugene said, a look of glee in his eyes, a twinkle shining bright.

“Hello Tom,” Whit called, walking to the end of the counter that Tom Riley stepped up to, a gentle smile on both of their withering faces.

“Salutations, Mr. Riley,” Eugene nodded, standing beside Whit.

“Howdy, Whit, Eugene; I bring news.”

“Running for mayor again, Mr. Riley?” Eugene questioned jokingly.

“Very funny, Eugene. No, I’m selling the Timothy Center.”
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No Escape Part 1

*read Heart Broken Promises FIRST. Then come to this fanfic*

Rachel took a deep breath and entered her brother’s hospital room. Her brother was asleep, and that was all right to Rachel, for she wanted some more time to swallow what she had been told.

She sat and gently took her brother’s hand. He stirred, but didn’t wake. She smiled and squeezed his hand. His eyelids slowly went up.

“Rachel…” he mumbled, half awake, half asleep still.

“Hey big brother,” said Rachel.

“What… What are you doing here?”

“Dr. Moress called me. He told me everything. I packed and was on the next flight out here. How are you feeling?”

“It hurts, and not getting better. In only three weeks the tumor has grown over half of my right lung. I’ve had millions of tests and not one shows good signs. Tomorrow the doctor wants to go in and see if anything can be done. They say the chemotherapy that was tried didn’t work, nor the radiation. It’s too big and growing way too fast. It’s the strangest case anyone has ever seen.”

“I’m sorry, I wish there was something I could do,” Said Rachel sadly.

“There is one thing you could do…”


“Pray for me.”

“How about we do that right now?” asked Rachel as she took her brother’s hand and held it in her own two hands.

As Rachel prayed, she felt no stirring from her brother.

When she opened her eyes, his eyes were still closed. Rachel smiled and kissed her brother’s hand. His eyes flew open and he gave her a weak smile, one that told Rachel he was in worse shape than ever. He would never give a weak smile, or a weak anything for that matter. He was a strong person, one that wanted justice, and revenge if possible.

As Rachel laid her head down next to her brother’s, her hands still around his one hand, the door slowly opened, a head peeking in.
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Heart Broken Promises Part 1

*read Heart Broken Promises before No Escape*

Rachel’s eyes darted around the airport terminal. She was alert, but what was playing in the back of her mind wouldn’t leave her…


“Wait, say that again,” said Rachel as she held the phone to her ear by her shoulder, both hands busy with her scrapbook.
“I’m leaving in two days for the west coast. I got a job in Portland, Oregon,” replied her brother on the other end,
“Leaving? You can’t!” cried Rachel.
“Rae, I can too, and no, your pleas won’t stop me. It would be good for me to get away from Chicago for a while. It’s not like I will be gone forever; just a couple of years.”
“Years?! Richard!” Rachel cried again. She didn’t want her brother leaving, again. “Remember the last time you left? You ended up in the hospital! And you kinda forgot to tell me you were going to Odyssey!”
“Well, I’m telling you now that I leave in two days on flight 538, headed for Portland, Oregon. And last time, it slipped my mind?”
“Yeah, right, I believe you on that?! No way! Please, don’t go. What am I going to do without you?” begged Rachel.
“You’ll have to deal without me. You have boyfriends. I won’t be missed.”
“Don’t you dare think that is true, Richard! You’re my brother. I am always going to miss you.”

(flashback end)

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Her Hardest Heart Link Part 1

Saturday was just like any other day. Kids wandered in and out of Whit’s End leisurely, taking their time in drinking a WodFamChocSod or eating a bowl of Raspberry Ripple.

It, unfortunately, was not a day Connie Kendall wished to have take place. On this day, she was confronted with the past, the present, and the future in a matter of hours…
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