Danielle Abigail Maxwell (hiddlepinebatch) wrote,
Danielle Abigail Maxwell

AREM Part 3

*not mine. Author: Rachel Maxwell from the Town of Odyssey. However, author unknown in the long run*

Text Messages-from # 629-555-9355 (Richard) to # 762-555-6424 (Mitch)

Richard-U K?

Mitch-Will B. U?

Richard-Crls s aftr me.

Mitch-U R kdng. Whr r u?



Richard-Chsng Stone.

Mitch-U R trying to gt AWAY frm thm.

Richard-Impossible. Jst being safe.

Mitch-Ray will kill me f smthng hpns 2 u.

Richard-I thght u wr already dead?

Mitch-I thght u wer.

Richard-Ha. I hav mr lvs than a cat.

Mitch-Yh well even cats die.

Richard-Don’t rmind me. Mitch f u pray, start now.


Richard-Monica jst got the package.

From: BCharles@Andromeda.com/security
To: ChairmanBG@Andromeda.com/mail
Subject: Disk

Monica Stone has emailed me the disk’s files. We are now ready to begin the phase of the NovaBox. Ready to proceed when further orders given.

Bennett Charles

From: WhitsEnd@Yippee.com
To: : Eugenius@CampbellCollege.com/ComputerDivision
Subject: Return/Box/Disk

Eugene, Andromeda has their hands on your research-can you come back now? Since they have the disk, shouldn’t you be safe?

From: ChairmanBG@Andromeda.com/mail
To: BCharles@Andromeda.com/security
Subject: Proceed

Proceed as planned in last meeting. Agenda has not changed.

Text Message-From # 729-555-2435 (Rachel) to # 629-555-9355 (Richard)

Rachel-Rich? R U alive?

Rich-Dnt Blieve vrything u hear.

Rachel-Where are you?


From: MailerDaemon@yippee.com/service
To: WhitsEnd@yippee.com
Subject: Error

I’m sorry, but the email you tried to send to Eugenius@CampbellCollege.com/Computer-Division, cannot be sent because of an unknown error. (# 460443464). Undeliverable. I’m sorry, please try again.

AREM-Can’t talk but a sec.

RayofSunshine-Thank goodness you can talk at all-what’s going on?

AREM-Borland didn’t explain?

RayofSunshine-Too sketchy. Probably on purpose.

AREM-Sorry. Had to delete my account too, so old e address won’t work.

RayofSunshine-So you’re using AREM.

AREM-B careful what you say-they’re monitoring.


AREM-Heard anything about Odyssey?

RayofSunshine-Nothing you haven’t. How are YOU Mitch?

AREM-I’m fine. A little tired, but I’m alright.

RayofSunshine-I dno’t understand what’s going on.

AREM-Honey, I don’t think anybody does right now.

RayofSunshine-That does not make me feel better.

AREM-Look, can you do me a favor?


AREM-Tell Connie.

RayofSunshine-Except that. Mitch, it’s a BAD IDEA.

AREM-And it’s a good idea for her to think I’m dead?

RayofSunshine-I won’t do it.

AREM-You said anything.

RayofSunshine-Except that.

AREM-Not even for your favorite brother whose name starts with a R and ends with a T and whose name has six letters?

RayofSunshine-Half brother.

AREM-Why are you being so difficult. Look, Connie’ll be great-she’s got spunk.


AREM-I guess you don’t. Except that I know that love ice cream. And you hate coconut cake. And you can’t cook very well. And I can name the title of every picture of me and Connie that I sent to you.

RayofSunshine-I still don’t believe you.

AREM-Ask me something only I would know.

RayofSunshine-Who’s your Quarter?

AREM-Max. Believe me now?

RayofSunshine-I believe you. I think.

AREM-Now tell Connie.

RayofSunshine-I CAN’T.


RayofSunshine-Tell her yourself!

AREM-Honestly Ray, if you got an email from somebody you thought was dead, what would you do? Bsides, I told you, I had to delete my e account.

RayofSunshine-Send it through AREM.

AREM-Are you nuts? Yes. No I will not send it through AREM-You have to tell her, and I have to go. Bye.

While Mitchell remained in our custody the AREM profile remained dormant, except for what little he used it. We can verify that no one else used that profile while he was in the Witness Protection Program.

RayofSunshine-Mitch? Are you on? When you get this message me. I’ve done something that’s probably stupid.

AREM-Big surprise. What?

RayofSunshine-Hey you’re on! I just invited Connie to come spend the weekend with me. To give her closure I said.

AREM-And you’re going to tell her, right?

RayofSunshine-Do you really want me to?

AREM-I really do.

RayofSunshine-I really don’t think it’s a good idea.

AREM-Tell you what-you just see how it goes with her. Make sure she sees my grave. I think it’s a very nice headstone.

RayofSunshine-You’re morbid.

AREM-You’ll like her Ray.

RayofSunshine-From the way she talked I think I will.

AREM-GTG. Cya kid. LOL, Mitch


From: ConnieK16@yippee.com
To: RayofSunshine@yippee.com
Subject: Maine

I have my flight reservation and will be leaving this Friday-thank you very much for inviting me! I’m really looking forward to it.

To: ConnieK16@yippee.com
Subject: Maine

I’m really looking forward to you getting here too Connie-I should be thanking you for coming! I’ll meet you at the airport.

From: ChairmanBG@Andromeda.com/mail
To: BCharles@Andromeda.com/security
Subject: Maxwell

How are you coming on locating Maxwell? I want him FOUND.

From: BCharles@Andromeda.com/security
To: ChairmanBG@Andromeda.com/mail
Subject: Maxwell

Richard Maxwell is proving to be much slipperier than we had originally suspected-we are sending out more people to look for him. He can’t stay hidden long, I assure you.

Mitch-Wher R U now?




AREM-Hey Ray, tell her yet?

RayofSunshine-I’m not gonna tell her Mitch. Deal with it.

AREM-C’mon, Ray, I need you to.

RayofSunshine-I CAN’T.

Richard-Mitch, U hv got 2 tell Connie.

Mitch-I know. Y u thnk so?

Richard-Bcz she is tlkng 2 you're grave.

Mitch-What r u doing?

Richard-Hdng in sm trees wtchng hr.

Mitch-Leave hr alone.

Richard-I am.

AREM-Hey kid. Where’s Connie?

RayofSunshine-She’s in the guest room getting ready for dinner.


RayofSunshine-We’re going out to eat. I told her about Justine.

AREM-What’d she say?

RayofSunshine-Not much. I think she was stunned.

AREM-I don’t blame her. Have you told her yet?

RayofSunshine-No. I don’t’ want to Mitch, it’s a bad idea.

AREM-Rachel, look, I understand where you’re coming from, I really really do, but I love this girl.

AREM-Boy that sounds cheesy.

AREM-It wasn’t that cheesy, hello? R U there?

AREM-I’ve got to get off-message me later.

RayofSunshine-I told her.

AREM-You did??!

RayofSunshine-Yeah. She left this afternoon.

AREM-What did she say?

RayofSunshine-Not much. Just looked at me like she didn’t believe it.

AREM-I don’t’ blame her.

RayofSunshine-She’ll probably be messaging you soon. I told her to do it through the AREM profile.

AREM-You’re smarter than I’ve given you credit for.

RayofSunshine-I’d have to be.

Mitch-Wher R U now?

Richard-Wher do u think. Odyssey.

Mitch-R U CRAZY???


ConnieK16-Hi Mitch.

AREM-Connie, hi. I was wondering when I’d hear from you.

ConnieK16- Yeah. Sorry I didn’t get in touch right away. It’s taken me a while to get used to the idea that you’re really alive.

AREM-I know, it must have been a shock.

ConnieK16-I wasn’t able to think about anything else the whole trip back from Maine.

AREM-I’m sorry.

ConnieK16-How do I even know it’s really you? Maybe it’s another trick my Novacom to get me to tell you things I shouldn’t.

AREM-Hold on, I’ll turn off the voice processor so you can hear my real voice.

AREM-There. Does that help?

ConnieK16-But someone could have programmed your voice into their computer.

AREM-I’ll prove it’s me. Ask me something only I would know.

ConnieK16-What was I wearing on our first date?

AREM-Uhh sweater and jeans?

ConnieK16-Khakis and a red blouse.

AREM-Oh. Well, I remember that you ordered spaghetti.


AREM-And you dropped a meatball on your lap and thought I didn’t see it.

ConnieK16-That part you can forget if you want.

AREM-You gave me this adorable smile when I pretended not to notice-I’ll never forget that.

ConnieK16-When you made me dinner what did you cook?

AREM-Aha, trick question. I never made you dinner. You never let me cause if I had it would’ve been macaroni and cheese.

ConnieK16-Yup, it’s you.

AREM-I’m sorry Connie, I never meant to put you through this, it was as big a surprise to me as it was to you.

ConnieK16-O really, your death surprised you too? Well, when did you find out you weren’t dead-cause I had to go weeks thinking you were.

AREM-I know, I’m sorry.

ConnieK16-I pleaded with God to make sense of it all-I finally came to the point where I could accept it, even if I didn’t understand it, and now…now I have to accept that you’re really alive! I’ve heard of couples playing games before but this is ridiculous!

AREM-We never did have a normal relationship.

ConnieK16-Yeah, tell me about it, maybe that’s why I’m emailing a dead guy.

AREM-You’ve done weirder things. Remember when you dyed your hair purple?

ConnieK16-It was raspberry chestnut.

ConnieK16-I’ve missed you Mitch!

AREM-I’ve missed you too Connie, I still do. I’m glad we can-


Richard-Mtch, please chng screen name. Chrls highly suspects I used it.


ConnieK16-Mitch, are you on?

YIPPEESERVICE-Message undeliverable.


ConnieK16-Who are you?

Sparky_the_Happy_Giraffe-It’s Mitch. Sorry, kind of a long story but I had to change my screen name.

ConnieK16-I’m just glad you’re OK-I was worried. And I have something important to talk to you about?

Sparky_the_Happy_Giraffe-What is it?

ConnieK16-Well, the kids came in today and told me about a research project they’re doing for school.


ConnieK16-They were saying how everybody in Odyssey, two weeks ago were all buying fizzy cola, then last week were buying greasly chips, and this week are buying birdhouses.


ConnieK16-And they said everybody that bought all that stuff had a NovaBox, and were telling me all this stuff I didn’t understand about how it wouldn’t turn off.

Sparky_the_Happy_Giraffe-You said fizzy cola and greasly chips and BIRDHOUSES?


Sparky_the_Happy_Giraffe-GTG Connie-and thanks. You may’ve just broke this open.


Visitor Sheet for Patient: Cal Jordan

Visitor Initial: RM

Time Arrive: 3:02

Time Departed: 3:37

Visitor Signature: Richard Maxwell

Richard-Mtch, tl Brland that


Singluar Wireless-We’re sorry, your message cannot be sent at this time. Please try again later.

ComputerAccess-Please enter password.


ComputerAccess-Access accepted.

Mitch-Hear about the trial? What happened last time?

Richard-Yah I did. Sry, had 2 fgr smthng out.

Mitch-I jst wanna knw hw Tm knw the twr wd blow.

Richard-Duh. I told him.



Richard-Whtvr happens-Don’t worry about me.

Launching- - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - - ---- -- - - - - - ---- - - - - ----


Password Required-victorious

ABORTING- - - - --- --- - - - --- - - - ----- - ----- - - - --- -- - - - - ---

Please Enter Your ID #-2366388

Thank You. Do you wish to send a report?


PLEASE WAIT ---- -- - - - - - - - ---- --- - - - - - -- - - -

Please enter Abortion Number-774993746286

PLEASE WAIT-- - - - - - ------- - - - -- - ---------- - -- -- -


Mitch-Wher r u? We need u!

ComputerAccess-Please enter password.


ComputerAccess-Access accepted.

Mitch-please msg me-r u ALRIGHT?


Mitch-Max? we got it all worked out-its gonna b OK. If u r alive cm bak.

Rachel-Richard? Are you OK?

Mitch-Rich this is not funny.

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